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Illegibilus - Young-Soo Im by reveriesky Illegibilus - Young-Soo Im by reveriesky

• Name: 
Im Young-Soo (Young-Soo Im)
• Age: 16
• Gender: Male
• Height: 5'9
• Weight: 148lbs
• Birthday: August 19 (Leo-Virgo cusp) 
• Nationality: Korean
• House: Gryffindor
• Year: 6th

• Personality:
Young-Soo is a good child at heart, but due to his upbringing seems to have developed a sort of duality to himself. There's the him in public, and the him not-- possibly due to this, he prefers to keep people at an arms length. 


Having come from a wealthy upbringing that stressed an old fashioned family oriented hierarchy and keeping relations of both good nature and respect, Young-Soo is especially generous with his help and material goods; seeing no profound reason not to share the things he manages to get when he has a wealth of much more. In a good mood he is especially confident and charismatic, easily keeping good company and charming others and in general being a very engaging sort of friend- one that you'd call on when in trouble, though he seems a bit too far off to invite for a casual cuppa. He comes off as unshakeable and dauntless when the situation calls for it, though he can also be a bit too stubborn and forceful about his beliefs. 

At home and alone, Young-Soo seems to sag; and from the ashes of the approachablewell-natured upperclassman comes a very tiredmoody, and judgemental boy. All his time pleasing his family's guests have left him thinking that honesty has died, and if someone like him who he knows is a hard worker lies like he does- then everyone else probably does as well. It is in the safety of his own room that all his negative thoughts come out, and one would find out that he's actually not as steady as generally believed; taking small offences to heart. He is actually quite short tempered, as well as self serving. It isn't as if he intends to manipulate them- but material wealth is nothing compared to good relations with others who can lend you aid, and incompetence is such an annoyance that he'd gladly toss away his time to keep it from appearing in his daily life, even in the form of others. Though he gives freely, he can also be quite possessive about certain things; and is known to react rather childishly when attention from someone he cares about is taken from him. Though he seems to despise copious amounts of attention, he also doesn't know what to do without it; and public image is very important to him.

A boy with the potential to be great if better adjusted. 

• Background:
Young-Soo is one of two sons and two daughters of the prestigious Im pureblood family, rooted in Korea. He's always been pressed hard to live up to their standards- and though he's succeeded for the most part, he's thoroughly sick of it. 

Due to holding on to resentment dating back from the Japan occupancy of Korea, the Im family generally restrains from sending their children to Mahoutokoro- at least the ones that they consider soft, as Sowon (the eldest daughter) attended and has a heart made of steel. Young-Soo dislikes the constant feeling of scrutiny and decorum that his family has hanging around it, however; and when given the choice at age ten proclaimed that he'd like to go to either Hogwarts or to the wizarding school in Brazil- as Jiyeon had connections at Beauxbatons (where he'd be looked after, no doubt) and Minjung already attended Durmstrang. Young-Soo has a weak constitution when it comes to hot places, however; and his father eventually decided that he'd been better suited for the perpetually grey skies of Britain. He moved to the family's correlating London villa later that year, and spent the next one attempting to get rid of his accent... with moderate success. 

After arriving at Hogwarts, the hat debated sending him to both Hufflepuff and Slytherin- but ultimately stuck him in Gryffindor; as it was the best overall fit for him. After his brief stint of being absolutely terrified that he wouldn't receive his letter (though he did, obviously; he just isn't sure if it's because he celebrated his eleventh birthday in Britain or because his family had a hand in it- the magical quill typically goes by birth, after all), Young-Soo seemed to take to his new house fairly well; wowing his peers with his charmwork and deft hand at diffusing situations. This also attracted the attention of less than impressed individuals, though; and having been sheltered at the estate until that point Young-Soo was at a loss as to how to respond to the (relatively light) jabs and began erecting his image between himself and others in retaliation. Despite his thin skin, however, Young-Soo was hardly spineless and in certain situations where he got sick of bowing his head and smiling would often play pranks (usually involving tripping) right back- though far and quiet enough for suspicion to pass him. The hazing died down by his second year, and by his fourth he was able to build a reputation for himself. 

He aims to become a prefect this year.

• Trivia:
> Is most talented with Charms, as is most of his family. Coupled with his wand, Young-Soo is able to create quite impressive charmwork, even by his family's standards. He's horrible at transfiguration, though. 
> Managed to score Outstandings in both Charms and Ancient Runes on his O.W.L.s, with the rest of his subjects following at a steady Exceeds Expectations and Transfiguration lagging behind at a barely achieved Acceptable. 
>Though he's generally held in good regard with his housemates and the school in general Young-Soo tends to be strangely absent from Quidditch games, and is hardly in his room unless it's to sleep. The reason from the latter stems from a light teasing event in his first year (which was all in good faith and hardly anything to take offence about, though Young-Soo resolutely decided at the young age of 11 that he Would Not Be Dealing With Anything Of That Sort Ever Again and has stubbornly kept himself away from said room despite desperately needing the time to himself.) He can usually be found in a cool corner of the Library. 
> Tends to be near single-mindedly determined once he sets his mind to something. 
> Even though his strong suit is charms, he's still prone to mucking them up at times due to his pronunciation (most notably in stressful situations, ie "wingardium lebriosa")
> His accent is barely noticeable, if there at all- but tends to come back the more excited/worked up he gets; and in extreme cases he sometimes slips back into Korean. 
> As Minjung dyes her hair red, Young-Soo bleaches his hair blond.  He touches up his roots every two weeks.
> Often feels slightly lost in Gryffindor house. While a lot of aspects of it suit him- the noble image, charismatic students, and house loyalty- there's also aspects that don't suit him at all, and more often than not his morality tends to swim. 'That was wrong, but they had a reason' etc. There are times where the way that the Slytherin house is run/their mentality is appealing; but he can't quite stand the aura there either.
> The type that feeds off of the energy of others. 
> He was in Arithmancy until he transferred into Alchemy on his sixth year, and is stubbornly continuing to take the subject despite it's close ties with Transfiguration (perhaps in an attempt to get better at it?).
> Due to his nature when alone, one would probably think that he'd like it when things are quiet- he can't stand it, actually; and may stir up drama himself if things stagnate. Though he does not like getting crowded, he does want to make an impression.
> Dislikes talking about himself due to his own contradictions frustrating him. Making points is hard when there's a 'but' after every sentence.
> Often neglects himself for long periods of time and grows irritable.

• Family:
Mother - Im Jiyeon (46)
A tall, regal woman; Jiyeon was one of the few Ims to attend Mahoutokoro, and was beyond pleased when Sowon made the cut as well. While her face is all sharp lines and dignified grace she is also undoubtedly a mother, and on occasion sends Young-Soo unusually softly worded letters on holidays when he neglects to go home for them. Has a talent in charms, and is near always attired in hanbok. She'd never attest to playing favorites; but she does seem to be sweeter to her sons- if only because they remind her of her guileless husband. 

Father - Im Sungho (44)
Sungho was Jiyeon's childhood friend, and had been in love with her for nearly as long as he'd known her. Born from one of the smaller pureblood families; he spent every afternoon at the Im estate as her playmate before they both got sent off to their respective magical schools- only for him to follow her to Mahoutokoro last minute. Though they got married as a convenient solution (Aside from taking his own feelings into consideration, Jiyeon refused any suitors whom she did not know) it seems that she has grown to love him just as much as he does her. He gladly took on her last name, and if he were to be completely honest dislikes the fact that most of his children are flying off to places so far off. 

Eldest Daughter - Im Sowon (21)
Sowon is a dauntless and fierce girl, flawlessly cut and hidden behind layers of makeup and four inch heels. She completed her magical education at Mahoutokoro, and specialises in charms and runes. The one who takes after her mother the most, Sowon has thick brown hair and wide almond eyes. She's next in line for the family head, and when she's not at her mothers side spends time both in front and applying make up and charms at the back of the camera. She has great interest in fashion, and never looks less than pristine.

Second Daughter - Im Minjung (18)
Minjung is a warrior if there ever was one- and where better to go than Durmstrang? Arguably the most commanding out of all of them, her demeanour makes even Jiyeon's cold steel pale in comparison. A year older than her classmates due to being born late in the year, Minjung has feathery only-red-in-the-sunlight hair and black eyes. If you try to go against her once she's set in her ways, it'll be easier to just save your breath. She specializes in Transfiguration and offensive magic. 

Youngest Son - Im Eun-Baek (14)
Eun-Baek is in a word- sheltered. Pouty, wide eyed, and innocent; he was nearly homeschooled until he decided that he wanted to step out just as his siblings had. Young-Soo did his best to alleviate pressure from him when possible, and as such he's grown up even softer than his elder brother. He attends Beauxbatons, and also handles charms quite well- his entire family does; to be honest. He is in love with Quidditch and would have loved to go to Hogwarts where the sport is more lauded and competition is more fierce- but he is also a pleaser and sensitive in particular to his older brother, whom he knows wouldn't have appreciated having to babysit him. He has soft black hair and eyes. 

• Likes & Dislikes:
Cool Weather
+ Sweets
- Excessively Spicy Food (Minjung teases him about this) 
Flying and Apparation (He gets vertigo easily)
- Those that talk poorly of their family//People who care about them

• Elective Classes: 
- Study of Ancient Runes
- Alchemy 

• Extra Curricular:
- Magical Theory
- Music

• Spells
Imperturbable Charm - Unknown
    Renders an object - such as a door - impenetrable both to sounds and objects. Useful for ensuring the privacy of one's conversations.
Langlock - Langlock
    Temporarily glues the victim's tongue to the roof of the mouth, rendering speech (and verbal spellcasting) impossible.
Confundus Charm - Confundo or Ch'arwi
    Causes the victim to become easily confused and readily manipulated - a confunded individual follows most orders without question, but not especially competently.
Obliteration Charm - Nonverbal
    Used to eliminate things one doesn't wish others to see - specifically, things such as foot prints, writing, and the like - while leaving the surroundings intact and     undisturbed.
Releasing Charm - Relashio
    Forces someone or something binding the caster to release - it can break the grip of a hand or unfasten chains or ropes. It has also been used as a defensive charm, and     in skilled hands can have concussive effects.
Shielding Charm - Protego, Dunbihu, or K'irara
    Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses. The strength of this spell is directly connected to the skill and talent of the wizard, and     stronger versions can protect against very advanced curses - or even reflect failed jinxes back against the attacker. 

• Wand Ingredients - 
Core: Dragon Heartstring 
Length: Eleven and Three Quarter Inches
Wood: Elm
Flexibility: Brittle
A hard wand that enjoys those with presence, it creates especially clean and pristine work when Young-Soo puts on airs of grandeur. 

• Achievements 

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